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Based on the award winning diode laser technology developed by Southwest Sciences, a natural gas leak detector known as the ’46 Hawk is commercially available from the Southern Cross Corp (telephone 800-241-5057). This sensor detects methane through a high sensitivity optical absorption spectroscopy technique known as wavelength modulation spectroscopy, resulting in outstanding sensitivity and specificity. The hand-held unit includes a small low power pump to draw gas through the wand, both visual and audible display of the measurement, and a rechargeable battery for hours of reliable measurements.

Southern Cross--Services and Products for the Natural Gas Industry

Developed in partnership with Southern Cross, the premier gas leak detection workforce service provider and manufacturer of electronic leak detection equipment in the United States. Call 800-241-5057 to order the HAWK


Detection of other gases using this technology is possible by switching lasers. Other gases that can be detected include water vapor, carbon dioxide, hydrogen flouride, acetylene, ammonia, and oxygen.

Bactec(TM) LX

Mark Paige demonstrates portable natural gas leak detection with a prototype of the '46 Hawk. Mark led the development of the gas detector.

The technology embedded in this sensor was developed in part through funding from the National Science Foundation and Dept. of Energy SBIR programs (NSF grant DMI-0215797 and DOE grants DE-FG03-98ER82671 and DE-FG02-03ER83780).

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