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Monitoring from aerial platforms:NASA awarded three SBIR Phase I contracts to Southwest Sciences for the development of tunable diode laser gas spectrometers suitable for use on aerial platforms. more...
Farm gases: Funded by the USDA, Southwest Sciences is conducting proof-of-concept tests for a compact optical sensor for H2S and CH4. These gases are emitted by animal manure systems.more...
Nitrous oxide: Southwest Sciences teams with Princeton University scientists to develop a new open-path eddy covariance technique for measuring this potent greenhouse gas. more...
Filaments of light: Southwest Sciences and the University of New Mexico are partnering to investigate the use of light filaments for the detection of uranium compounds. more...
Diamonds as sensors: Southwest Sciences and the University of Illinois are partnering to investigate the use of NV-doped diamonds to sense electric and magnetic fields. Successful development will aid in the neutron electric dipole moment experiment.more...
Groundwater monitoring:DOE has selected Southwest Sciences to develop an analyzer to measure pollutants in groundwater. (March 2013)more...
Climate Science: Southwest Sciences has received three SBIR Phase I research grants from the Department of Energy for development of technologies important to climate research. (February 2013)  more...
Breath Diagnostics: Southwest Sciences and Avisa Pharma sign a license agreement for development of diode laser-based instruments for the detection of lung infections. (January 2013)




Southwest Sciences, Inc.
1570 Pacheco St., Suite E-11, Santa Fe, NM 87505
tel. (505) 984-1322/ fax (505) 988-9230



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