Southwest Sciences Inc Delta F NanoTrace Moisture Analyzers
Delta F DF750 Moisture Analyzer
The Delta F 700 analyzers measure moisture to below 1 part per billion

Servomex, working with Southwest Sciences, developed the new Nano-Trace moisture analyzers for detecting water contamination in semiconductor process gases at levels below one part per billion. The product line now includes trace and ultra-trace moisture analyzers as well as combination instruments with oxygen sensors.

The Delta F 700 Series analyzers use Southwest Sciences' award-winning TDLAS technology to measure moisture in gases. TDLAS is a spectroscopic technique that utilizes a diode laser as its light source. TDLAS has advantages over other techniques because the moisture sample only comes in contact with a few optical components that are made from very robust materials. It works according to the fundamental principle of Beer's law, therefore, the reading is stable over time and does not even require calibration.

The TDLAS technology is extremely selective. The laser wavelength is chosen to probe water without interference from other gases. Accurate, reliable measurements are obtained, even in corrosive gases such as HCl or ammonia.

The trace moisture analyzer was developed by a partnership between Servomex and Southwest Sciences.

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